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Mortarium: A female Doom Metal band from Brazil.

This is the only Brazilian female Doom/Death Metal band.


In 2008, Tainá Domingues and Julie Sousa joined their forces to start a Doom Metal project to fill the absence of bands with a darker proposal.
In 2010, Mortarium made their first live performances, receiving an excellent feedback from the crowd.

Along its way Mortarium has played in important festivals in Rio and outside the state as “Roque Pense” in Nova Iguacu, that was promoted by Rio de Janeiro Government, “Festival NMB 3 – Rock Edition” sponsored by the city hall and Jovem Pan radio station, “Hate Free Festival” in São Gonçalo and also the “Doomed Serenades Festival”, an event where the Doomed Serenades, the first Brazilian Doom Metal selection, was released in national territory. Mortarium takes part in this selection with the song “The awakening of the Spirit”. They also took part in “Eclipse Doom Festival” (the greatest Doom Metal festival in Brazil) in São Paulo.
The current lineup remains as Julie Sousa, Tainá Domingues and Vivi Alves.

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